Skluzacek Tree Movers are experts when it comes to planting new trees and moving existing trees from one location to another. With the equipment to haul 6 trees to your location in a single load, even your large residential and commercial lots can be covered in 10-20 year old nursery grown trees in no time.

Nursery Trees

We offer a selection of over 15 thousand nursery grown trees at all stages of growth and in dozen of different varieties. Trees are delivered with the roots either bound in burlap or spaded and have a 1 year replacement warranty.

Some of our current stock are Colorado & Black Hills Spruce; White Pine; Norway, Sienna, & Deborah Maple; Autumn Blaze, Fall Fiesta, & Silver Maple; Prairie Fire Crab; Japanese River Birch Clump; River Birch; Red & Pin Oak; Ash; Dogwood; and Honey Locust. Need a new tree or a species that isn’t listed? Contact us and we’ll do everything we can to meet your needs!