Skluzacek Tree Movers offers a wide variety of tree maintenance options for your residential land or commercial building site. If you have some unruly trees, need lawn re-seeded, or have a newly planted tree in need of effective fertilizing, send us an email or give us a call!

Tree Trimming

To keep your trees looking their best, we offer a full range of tree trimming services from a quick prune to our recommended 7 year trim. Skluzacek Tree Movers never leaves a mess at a job site – all branches and extra brush are hauled away to be ground into wood chips or mulch.

Deep-Root Fertilizer Injection

Deep root fertilization is a process where a high quality nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees, approx 1-24″ deep. The materials are injected under pressure which helps aerate/ provide much needed oxygen to the root system, in addition to the benefts of the natural fungus and bacteria.

This process should be repeated 2-3 times per year, for about 3-5 years for trees that have recently been moved to give them the best chance at taking hold and growing solid roots in the new location.

Slit Lawn Seeding

Slit grass seeding is a method of placing seed precisely into the soil which has a much higher rate of germination than standard overseeding methods. Skluzacek Tree Movers strives hard to not tear up your lawn, but sometimes it’s unavoidable and slit seeding is the perfect solution to getting your lawn fuller and better than ever.